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It seems to come straight out of the African savannah: The Savannah Cat – a relatively new, fascinating and rare breed of cat. Come with us on a virtual safari! Explore the world of Savannah Cats, a tall, exotic looking breed, which has stolen everyone´s heart with its beauty, intelligence and unique charm. Kiwanga is the first and longest standing TICA registered Savannah cattery in Europe. Since the year 2000 we are breeding this exceptional breed of cat with a lot of passion and experience. Our cats are the result of thorough and selective breeding for several generations. Therefore over time the Kiwanga line was developed, which is renowned and sought after by other breeders. Meanwhile Kiwanga cats are living in many pet homes and catteries around the world.

In memory of Margitta Graeve

The Savannah cat is a particularly sensitive and unusual type of cat. To grow them successfully and healthy, you need a lot of love and, above all, experience. Margitta Graeve bred kiwanga cats from 2000 to 2019. Unfortunately, the breeder died in October 2019, we want to continue this page in memory of kiwanga breeding. Margitta Graeves Savannah cat breeding has proven itself for almost 20 years through careful and selective breeding work spanning Serval generations. The coveted Kiwanga line was created during this time. Kiwanga cats now live all over the world and are very popular and sought after. Margitta Graeve has put together an FAQ page about the Savannah breed.

Serval by Savannah cat

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Die moderne BARF Katzenernährung basieren auf der Ursprungsversion von Margitta Graeve. Kiwanga Savannah Cats war die erste und älteste TICA registrierten Savannah-Zucht in Europa
The modern BARF cat nutrition is based on the original version by Margitta Graeve. Kiwanga Savannah Cats was the first and oldest TICA registered Savannah breed in Europe
Kiwanga`s Time machines Savannah cats
Travel back in time with Kiwanga Savannah Cats! See the work of the Savannah breeder „Margitta Graeve“ in person.

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