Buy a Savannah Cat

Where can I buy a Savannah cat?

Savannah cats are sometimes offered for little money. So why buy a Savannah cat from the breeder? In the following article we explain why a Savannah cat costs more from the breeder and why it makes sense not to support black breeding. Cats in particular can get a lot of diseases. It is therefore important that the cat parents are free from diseases and worms before they are born. High-quality food for the cat mom is essential so that the kittens (also called kittens) develop well in their tummy. Many diseases can be treated, but they may involve high veterinary costs that could have been avoided. Here are a few points why it makes sense to buy from the breeder and not to save on the purchase price. From the breeder you get:

1. Current health certificate
2. Chipped cat as proof that it is this cat
3. Family tree. Papers are proof of a purebred cat
4. Pet passport / vaccination card as proof of all necessary vaccinations
5. Advice / support even after the sale

buy a Savannah cat?

You can also assume that a breeder will do everything possible to ensure that the whole cat family is well and that they have an experienced eye on their fosterlings from day one. A breeder invests a lot of time and money in his project, e.g. an outdoor enclosure, high quality food and hygiene. The invisible things are also worth mentioning, such as Advertising, website maintenance, acquiring specialist knowledge, buying suitable breeding cats and taking long journeys for this. Of course, you also need enough space to separate the animals, if necessary. There are also black sheep among breeders. That’s why they look carefully there too. Here are a few reasons why one should not support black breeding and why cats are often offered much cheaper.

1. No or insufficient vaccinations
2. Not dewormed
3. No chip
4. Hygiene is not taken seriously
5. No health certificate, no papers
6. Cats are handed in too early (from the 12th week at the earliest)
7. Inferior feed
8. The cat is mated too often because no cat breeding association is informed about it
(3 litters are allowed per breeding cat in 2 years).
9. Too many cats in too small a space means stress for cats

So if you buy from the non-registered breeder, you support the senseless cat reproduction without control over a club and play roulette to get a healthy animal. Once you have bought it, the seller no longer wants to have anything to do with it. Even after the sale, a breeder has an interest in how the animal is doing and is available for advice. Should there be problems or any queries. After all, you have a reputation to lose. Finally, a few more questions to ask yourself before you get a house tiger.

1. Can I offer a cat a species-appropriate, safe home? (Cables, houseplants have to go).
2. Do I have the money for the purchase and maintenance costs?
3. Who will take care of the cat during the vacation?
4. Do I have enough time?

Even if you have a lot of time, it always makes sense to bring two cats directly. No one can replace a play and cuddle partner. Young cats in particular should not be kept alone. So taking a pair of siblings is a good decision, as cats are not so easy to socialize with a strange cat at a later age. If all of this is well thought out, she and the cat are sure to have a lot of fun together. One thing is for sure, it will never be boring with one or two house cats.