List Rules for the Savannah Breed Section Listserve

1. The list moderator(s) must be someone who is not currently involved in litigation with The International Cat Association (TICA).

2. There should always be three co-moderators to ensure that no one person abuses power, and that if one person resigns or is removed by the group, there are always at least two list moderators remaining.

3. If the group believes any list moderator is behaving contrary to the rules, the perceived violations will be discussed and a vote will be taken as to whether or not to remove that list moderator. Immediately following the removal of any list moderator, a new list moderator shall be elected in order to maintain the checks and balances of the system.

4. The list moderators will be elected for one year terms annually. There is no limitation on how many terms a moderator may run, as long as she/he is elected each year by the Savannah Breed Section members.

5. List moderators may never give out membership names or addresses without permission.

6. List moderators may not disclose the results of an opinion poll to anyone other than Savannah Breed Section members and TICA officials.

7. Polls will run seven days, allowing everyone who would like to participate a reasonable chance to vote.

8. When deciding major issues within our breed section group, a 51% majority vote is needed to approve the proposal.

9. A new list rule or a change to an existing rule requires the support of 66% majority of votes cast in order to pass.

10. New members are not allowed to participate in polls currently running at the time they join the listserve.

11. Personal attacks against another list member will lead to moderation.

12. NO forwarding emails to persons outside of the breed section list.

13. No cross posting without the creator’s permission.

14. When Advertising kittens or cats, please follow the guidelines below:
a. Announcements of fertile Savannah males, breeding females, or outcrosses for breeding only.
b. Photos are allowed but please be considerate and keep files size within reason.
c. Person advertising must include in subject line „Classified“
d. Body of the post must include a reminder that replies are to be sent privately, not to the list.

15. This list has been created for the purpose of discussing the advancement of the Savannah breed within TICA, and associated subjects related to breeding and raising of Savannahs, including the critiquing of cats. Off topics are not allowed.

16. Any member who violates list rules will be subject to a period of moderation, the time of which will be at the discretion of the moderators, but will be for no more than 72 hours, unless a separate poll has been run by the list membership to enact a stricter moderation on an individual.

17. List members may vote to enforce disciplinary action against an individual who has behaved in an unethical or offensive manner. Disciplinary action might include, but is not limited to
a. Temporary moderation for a specified period of time,
b. Permanent moderation,
c. Withdrawal of voting rights,
d. Banishment from the list for a specified period of time,
e. Permanent banishment.

Unethical or offensive behavior includes, but is not limited to any behavior that harms the Savannah breed, the SVBS listserve, its members, its reputation, or that hampers the operation of the listserve.

18. Any list member who has not renewed his/her TICA and Savannah Breed Section membership will be removed from this Savannah Breed Section listserve.

19. All the rules that have voted on for this list may be changed by group vote only.

20. This list was created for all TICA Savannah Breed Section Members.